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Dancing Bear Discount

When you mix sexy horny girls with alcohol and a Dancing Bear, the result is hot hardcore sex! Dancing Bear is a company that provides male dancers/strippers to sorority, bachelorette, birthday, and other such like parties.

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The studs put on a tantalizing strip show for the lucky ladies. Since inhibitions are thrown out the window with every drink the girls swallow, steamy penetration and hardcore sex is soon to follow as the girls come closer for a better view!

As the name suggest, the studs wear a Bear suit completely covered head to toe. Soon though, the costume comes off and temperatures rise as horny chicks egg on the stripper to reveal it all. There may be some variation of this niche porn floating out there but Dancing Bear is by far the best of the best.

The content on this site is original and exclusive. There are 100+ videos with updates coming in monthly. The movies are long spanning eighty minutes and come in mp4 and flash formats.

They can be streamed or downloaded in full HD quality. There are pictures [over 100] shot in 1600 by 1200p High Resolution that you get access to once you are a member. The pics can be saved in zip format for download.

On Dancing Bear, the ladies want to touch, suck, stroke, and go all the way with the male strippers. This is refreshing considering that the normal rule when strippers are involved is ‘look but do not touch!’

The male strippers are also not stingily with their love meat. They let all the women in the group have their turn admiring or doing much more. As with large groups, there are shy ones who will not participate and then there are the wild horny ones who will do all sorts of things.

In most cases, the sexually charged crowd devours the male strippers and leaves you wishing you were the Dancing Bear! If this kind of kinky content sends shivers down your spine, Dancing Bear is the site you need to join. The amateur, imaginative, hot, and sexy action/ parties will rock your world.

Fucked Hard 18 Discount

This site is all about beautiful young women, hot message sessions, and hardcore sex! As its name suggests, Fucked Hard 18 captures [no holds barred] hot sexual action. The site also claims that most if not all the girls featured are 18 years of age. This means taunt little bodies that are just begging to be given a hard and deep fuck!

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Most of the scenes have a predetermined sequence. A young 18 year old babe walks into a masseuse parlor. The therapist attending to her greets her, small talk ensues, and clothes are removed soon after. Hot oil is rubbed on silky skin and pretty soon, action begins. The girls love taking it hard and deep and you will enjoy watching them suck, swallow, ride and orgasm on hard pricks.

Fucked Hard 18 has videos in High Def wmv, flash, and mp4. Currently there are 280+ scenes with the promise of more coming soon. These scenes can be downloaded or streamed and most of them are exclusive stuff.

The high quality nature of the movies and the good filming techniques employed by the producers of the movies makes them highly entertaining. There are over 280 picture sets with 175 pictures in a set. The pictures are shot in High Resolution [1280 by 960p] and can be downloaded in Zip files.

Finding content is easy on Fucked Hard 18 with the help of advanced search and tags. Your participation is highly valued thus, you can leave comments, rate, and save your favorites to watch latter. There might not be a model bio section but it is doubtful you will be too interested in knowing who is who since the content on this site is so stunning and engaging!

Weekly updates keep you well stocked with different scenes, movies, and pics. Heck, you even get the bonus site ‘Seduced By Massage’ once you become a member on Fucked Hard 18.

If you are looking for something different then this is your site. If you want to see 18 year olds enjoying hardcore penetration then this is your site. Fucked Hard 18 is all about hardcore coed sex that is oily, hot, and very satisfactory. Check them out.

TS Playground Promo Code

TS Playground is one of the leading adult entertainment sites that features femdom, interracial, and shemale porn. All of the porn that other sites are too afraid to show can all be found here in one big package. This is the place to be for all of your off-niche adult entertainment needs. They have shemale on shemale, male or female on shemale, and a very complete femdom section. All of these are mixed into every racial makeup under the sun, providing some of the greatest variety that you are going to see on the web today.

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Besides the content, one of the biggest draws of the company is the layout of the site. TS Playground has their homepage where all of their content is laid bare for you to see. Here, you can take a look at their trailers and a sampling of some of their enormous picture collection. The second section of their site is the scenes, where you can get a taste of the full length movies, highlighting some of the very best parts for those who want to see multiple models in one sitting. One of the coolest features of the entire site is the networking page, where TS Playground links up with some of the other big names in the femdom and shemale porn niches. It is a great way to find other sites, as well as learn about some of the most interesting and famous models.

TS Playground offers a great deal of discounts and coupons on their membership page, making the membership process very simple. In order to get a three day trial you will only need to pay the standard $2.95. A full month will cost $14.95, which may be more than what some people are willing to spend, but a great Metart discount nonetheless. They make up for it with the huge discount that you can obtain for signing up for a full year, which costs $95.40. For this small monthly fee, just about ten dollars a month, you will be able to have access to a full variety of internet sites dedicated to interracial, femdom, and shemale porn.

If any of these things sound like they are you favorites, then you should check out TS Playground today.