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Dare Dorm Discount

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the doors at some of the wildest college dorm parties? Well, Dare Dorm gives you a peak behind the curtain and shows you all of the hot sex that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. This site features young girls only, between eighteen and twenty four, bearing at all as they send in their best dorm room sex parties so that they can win money from Dare Dorm. We are not just talking about some extra beer money, the dorm that shows the wildest and craziest actions wins ten thousand dollars, and the viewers help to decide.

While you will not find any of the standard categories on this site, you can at least get the essentials. One of the best parts about Dare Dorm is watching all of these young girls come into their and begin to experiment, sometimes on each other. It is never just one on one action either, there are always multiple participants and viewers taking advantage of the craziness that is going on in the dorm rooms.

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As soon as you go on the site you see a wall of the craziest pictures and trailer videos that have ever been created outside of a professional adult entertainment studio.

Keg stands, blowjobs, back to back sex; this site has it all and nobody is afraid to show it. The site is constantly receiving new pictures and videos from the dorms rooms of the most famous colleges in the world, which means that there are multiple updates each and every day which provide you with the very best action. They have over five thousand full length movies, all of which can be downloaded or burned onto a DVD. Not to mention the tens of thousands of pictures that are sorted from every movie; all just waiting to be viewed by you.

To get access to Dare Dorm, all you need to do is purchase a two day trial version for $4.95. A month will cost you $17.95, and a six month period will be discounted to $9.95 a month. Head over to Dare Dorms today; who knows, you may see someone from one of your classes.

Scoreland Discount

Scoreland is one website that has all kinds of boobs. There are more than 1500 movies here and they can be played in most formats so there is a big chance you will be able to see it in your computer. The new ones can be viewed in high definition so you can enjoy the new videos while enjoying a box of popcorn because that is going to make viewing much more enjoyable.

The pictures on Scoreland are where it is at because there has to be at least 7000 photo sets here which means the 3 month trial won’t be enough to see everything stored in here.

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Scoreland has got all types of boobs in this site whether it is fake, natural, plump or even fake. You will see it all here and you would not hesitate to masturbate when you see the girls reveal their boobs to you. You can browse through all the models here by going to the models section. You can choose to browse through all of them alphabetically and you are going to surely get a bunch of boobs for each letter you select.

There is no doubt you scored big time when you decide to become a member of Scoreland. The navigation could use a little work on it though but it would be alright once you get used to it. When that happens, you can now go to any chick you want or any movie for that matter. You are going to have a look of shock on your face when you get to see the boobs of the girls here. Some of them are just too damn big to fit on your screen and you won’t even believe they are natural. You must maximize your time when you browse through this website because it has more content than you think.

You won’t regret it as you would pat yourself on the back when you become a member of this website with their Scoreland discount and all. You will certainly wish you would be talking to the girls here.

ZTOD Discount

ZTOD means zero tolerance on demand and it is coming from the production company of the same name that has produced such titles that have creativity in them. The updates here come in often so you can check back daily for a new video. There are 5324 full length scenes in 821 DVDs where the new ones are available in high definition.

The movies can also be downloaded in various formats. The photo section is hidden somewhere so you have to hunt them down in order to find the 3200 photo captions of the videos there.

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You name any type of porn and the production company has already produced it from anal porn to group sex to dick sucking to anal licking. ZTOD is one of the biggest and they feature girls from different races as well. They feature Asians, Americans, Africans and even black girls in some pretty wild scenes.

Courtney’s Chain Gang is one series you would not want to miss as Bobbi Starr punishes her friends for sipping on cum a little too much. Some lucky guys get in on the action and lucky for them, the girls want themselves to be punished as well. When you take a look at how the chicks are punished, you would wish every chick in the world would get punished that way for something they did. Anything is indeed possible in the world of porn. The chicks here are mega hot and the videos have been produced professionally.

You will even get a glimpse of the chick fully clothed before she gets on all fours fully naked. It is a sight you won’t soon forget because the chicks here all have a sweet voice. The production company has also produced Meet the Fuckers which is obviously a spin off of the popular movie Meet the Fockers, a sequel of Meet the Parents. The hilarious way the spin real movie titles is one good reason you must become a member here. When you become a member of of this site using the ZTOD discount we have in store for you, you will find out why ZTOD always gets a high rating from everyone who decides to make a review about it.

VideosZ Discount

Since way back, as far as 2004, each time you take a glimpse at VideosZ, you will note that they have made some improvements. It may be an addition of a new file format or simply growing its present collection to be the biggest online, it is guaranteed that you will always find them doing something. The site boasts of the largest online adult movie collection having thousands of top-notch quality videos. You may wonder if it is truly the largest but that is a question that I cannot really answer, though you will most definitely find it to be your kind of site.

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There are more than 13,659 full length DVDs for your entertainment and new ones added daily. VideosZ also has a nice set up with a very user-friendly navigation system. DVDs can be searched by category, studio, series or porn stars. Although its library is huge, you will not have any problems narrowing it down to what you will be particularly searching for. In case you will be looking for something in particular to view, you are guaranteed to locate it here. Examples of sex acts available for you here include Facials, DPs, Anal, Threesomes, Toy play plus loads of others.

On clicking on the DVD cover, you will be provided with a short summary of the film and also be able to download it. You are granted access to over 80,611 scenes that can be streamed through a Flash player or downloaded. The most recent can be obtained as AVI and MP4 files, and they are of greater quality than the older ones since they have an excellent playback. There are however though, some movies that can be downloaded as HD MP4s, and they are quite impressive. Although the scenes might at times have been added to the site on that particular day that watch them, sometimes you may find out that they were released on disc four years earlier, so you will not always get the most recent looking playback.

There are some studios providing their content exclusively on this site only, so you will not come across it anywhere else. The content was license-protected, though there are quite a few older ones with DRM, but most no longer have it. The site has no photos, but this should not surprise you since it is a DVD site. You might be in a position to locate these DVDs at the back room of your video store and in a somewhat better quality, but why go through the hustle if at a standard price you can download unlimited amount of excellent looking hardcore content? All you have to do is simply sign up and be a VideosZ member.