Dancing Bear Discount

When you mix sexy horny girls with alcohol and a Dancing Bear, the result is hot hardcore sex! Dancing Bear is a company that provides male dancers/strippers to sorority, bachelorette, birthday, and other such like parties.

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The studs put on a tantalizing strip show for the lucky ladies. Since inhibitions are thrown out the window with every drink the girls swallow, steamy penetration and hardcore sex is soon to follow as the girls come closer for a better view!

As the name suggest, the studs wear a Bear suit completely covered head to toe. Soon though, the costume comes off and temperatures rise as horny chicks egg on the stripper to reveal it all. There may be some variation of this niche porn floating out there but Dancing Bear is by far the best of the best.

The content on this site is original and exclusive. There are 100+ videos with updates coming in monthly. The movies are long spanning eighty minutes and come in mp4 and flash formats.

They can be streamed or downloaded in full HD quality. There are pictures [over 100] shot in 1600 by 1200p High Resolution that you get access to once you are a member. The pics can be saved in zip format for download.

On Dancing Bear, the ladies want to touch, suck, stroke, and go all the way with the male strippers. This is refreshing considering that the normal rule when strippers are involved is ‘look but do not touch!’

The male strippers are also not stingily with their love meat. They let all the women in the group have their turn admiring or doing much more. As with large groups, there are shy ones who will not participate and then there are the wild horny ones who will do all sorts of things.

In most cases, the sexually charged crowd devours the male strippers and leaves you wishing you were the Dancing Bear! If this kind of kinky content sends shivers down your spine, Dancing Bear is the site you need to join. The amateur, imaginative, hot, and sexy action/ parties will rock your world.

Fucked Hard 18 Discount

This site is all about beautiful young women, hot message sessions, and hardcore sex! As its name suggests, Fucked Hard 18 captures [no holds barred] hot sexual action. The site also claims that most if not all the girls featured are 18 years of age. This means taunt little bodies that are just begging to be given a hard and deep fuck!

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Most of the scenes have a predetermined sequence. A young 18 year old babe walks into a masseuse parlor. The therapist attending to her greets her, small talk ensues, and clothes are removed soon after. Hot oil is rubbed on silky skin and pretty soon, action begins. The girls love taking it hard and deep and you will enjoy watching them suck, swallow, ride and orgasm on hard pricks.

Fucked Hard 18 has videos in High Def wmv, flash, and mp4. Currently there are 280+ scenes with the promise of more coming soon. These scenes can be downloaded or streamed and most of them are exclusive stuff.

The high quality nature of the movies and the good filming techniques employed by the producers of the movies makes them highly entertaining. There are over 280 picture sets with 175 pictures in a set. The pictures are shot in High Resolution [1280 by 960p] and can be downloaded in Zip files.

Finding content is easy on Fucked Hard 18 with the help of advanced search and tags. Your participation is highly valued thus, you can leave comments, rate, and save your favorites to watch latter. There might not be a model bio section but it is doubtful you will be too interested in knowing who is who since the content on this site is so stunning and engaging!

Weekly updates keep you well stocked with different scenes, movies, and pics. Heck, you even get the bonus site ‘Seduced By Massage’ once you become a member on Fucked Hard 18.

If you are looking for something different then this is your site. If you want to see 18 year olds enjoying hardcore penetration then this is your site. Fucked Hard 18 is all about hardcore coed sex that is oily, hot, and very satisfactory. Check them out.

TS Playground Promo Code

TS Playground is one of the leading adult entertainment sites that features femdom, interracial, and shemale porn. All of the porn that other sites are too afraid to show can all be found here in one big package. This is the place to be for all of your off-niche adult entertainment needs. They have shemale on shemale, male or female on shemale, and a very complete femdom section. All of these are mixed into every racial makeup under the sun, providing some of the greatest variety that you are going to see on the web today.

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Besides the content, one of the biggest draws of the company is the layout of the site. TS Playground has their homepage where all of their content is laid bare for you to see. Here, you can take a look at their trailers and a sampling of some of their enormous picture collection. The second section of their site is the scenes, where you can get a taste of the full length movies, highlighting some of the very best parts for those who want to see multiple models in one sitting. One of the coolest features of the entire site is the networking page, where TS Playground links up with some of the other big names in the femdom and shemale porn niches. It is a great way to find other sites, as well as learn about some of the most interesting and famous models.

TS Playground offers a great deal of discounts and coupons on their membership page, making the membership process very simple. In order to get a three day trial you will only need to pay the standard $2.95. A full month will cost $14.95, which may be more than what some people are willing to spend, but a great Metart discount nonetheless. They make up for it with the huge discount that you can obtain for signing up for a full year, which costs $95.40. For this small monthly fee, just about ten dollars a month, you will be able to have access to a full variety of internet sites dedicated to interracial, femdom, and shemale porn.

If any of these things sound like they are you favorites, then you should check out TS Playground today.

Dare Dorm Discount

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the doors at some of the wildest college dorm parties? Well, Dare Dorm gives you a peak behind the curtain and shows you all of the hot sex that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. This site features young girls only, between eighteen and twenty four, bearing at all as they send in their best dorm room sex parties so that they can win money from Dare Dorm. We are not just talking about some extra beer money, the dorm that shows the wildest and craziest actions wins ten thousand dollars, and the viewers help to decide.

While you will not find any of the standard categories on this site, you can at least get the essentials. One of the best parts about Dare Dorm is watching all of these young girls come into their and begin to experiment, sometimes on each other. It is never just one on one action either, there are always multiple participants and viewers taking advantage of the craziness that is going on in the dorm rooms.

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As soon as you go on the site you see a wall of the craziest pictures and trailer videos that have ever been created outside of a professional adult entertainment studio.

Keg stands, blowjobs, back to back sex; this site has it all and nobody is afraid to show it. The site is constantly receiving new pictures and videos from the dorms rooms of the most famous colleges in the world, which means that there are multiple updates each and every day which provide you with the very best action. They have over five thousand full length movies, all of which can be downloaded or burned onto a DVD. Not to mention the tens of thousands of pictures that are sorted from every movie; all just waiting to be viewed by you.

To get access to Dare Dorm, all you need to do is purchase a two day trial version for $4.95. A month will cost you $17.95, and a six month period will be discounted to $9.95 a month. Head over to Dare Dorms today; who knows, you may see someone from one of your classes.

Scoreland Discount

Scoreland is one website that has all kinds of boobs. There are more than 1500 movies here and they can be played in most formats so there is a big chance you will be able to see it in your computer. The new ones can be viewed in high definition so you can enjoy the new videos while enjoying a box of popcorn because that is going to make viewing much more enjoyable.

The pictures on Scoreland are where it is at because there has to be at least 7000 photo sets here which means the 3 month trial won’t be enough to see everything stored in here.

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Scoreland has got all types of boobs in this site whether it is fake, natural, plump or even fake. You will see it all here and you would not hesitate to masturbate when you see the girls reveal their boobs to you. You can browse through all the models here by going to the models section. You can choose to browse through all of them alphabetically and you are going to surely get a bunch of boobs for each letter you select.

There is no doubt you scored big time when you decide to become a member of Scoreland. The navigation could use a little work on it though but it would be alright once you get used to it. When that happens, you can now go to any chick you want or any movie for that matter. You are going to have a look of shock on your face when you get to see the boobs of the girls here. Some of them are just too damn big to fit on your screen and you won’t even believe they are natural. You must maximize your time when you browse through this website because it has more content than you think.

You won’t regret it as you would pat yourself on the back when you become a member of this website with their Scoreland discount and all. You will certainly wish you would be talking to the girls here.

ZTOD Discount

ZTOD means zero tolerance on demand and it is coming from the production company of the same name that has produced such titles that have creativity in them. The updates here come in often so you can check back daily for a new video. There are 5324 full length scenes in 821 DVDs where the new ones are available in high definition.

The movies can also be downloaded in various formats. The photo section is hidden somewhere so you have to hunt them down in order to find the 3200 photo captions of the videos there.

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You name any type of porn and the production company has already produced it from anal porn to group sex to dick sucking to anal licking. ZTOD is one of the biggest and they feature girls from different races as well. They feature Asians, Americans, Africans and even black girls in some pretty wild scenes.

Courtney’s Chain Gang is one series you would not want to miss as Bobbi Starr punishes her friends for sipping on cum a little too much. Some lucky guys get in on the action and lucky for them, the girls want themselves to be punished as well. When you take a look at how the chicks are punished, you would wish every chick in the world would get punished that way for something they did. Anything is indeed possible in the world of porn. The chicks here are mega hot and the videos have been produced professionally.

You will even get a glimpse of the chick fully clothed before she gets on all fours fully naked. It is a sight you won’t soon forget because the chicks here all have a sweet voice. The production company has also produced Meet the Fuckers which is obviously a spin off of the popular movie Meet the Fockers, a sequel of Meet the Parents. The hilarious way the spin real movie titles is one good reason you must become a member here. When you become a member of of this site using the ZTOD discount we have in store for you, you will find out why ZTOD always gets a high rating from everyone who decides to make a review about it.

VideosZ Discount

Since way back, as far as 2004, each time you take a glimpse at VideosZ, you will note that they have made some improvements. It may be an addition of a new file format or simply growing its present collection to be the biggest online, it is guaranteed that you will always find them doing something. The site boasts of the largest online adult movie collection having thousands of top-notch quality videos. You may wonder if it is truly the largest but that is a question that I cannot really answer, though you will most definitely find it to be your kind of site.

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There are more than 13,659 full length DVDs for your entertainment and new ones added daily. VideosZ also has a nice set up with a very user-friendly navigation system. DVDs can be searched by category, studio, series or porn stars. Although its library is huge, you will not have any problems narrowing it down to what you will be particularly searching for. In case you will be looking for something in particular to view, you are guaranteed to locate it here. Examples of sex acts available for you here include Facials, DPs, Anal, Threesomes, Toy play plus loads of others.

On clicking on the DVD cover, you will be provided with a short summary of the film and also be able to download it. You are granted access to over 80,611 scenes that can be streamed through a Flash player or downloaded. The most recent can be obtained as AVI and MP4 files, and they are of greater quality than the older ones since they have an excellent playback. There are however though, some movies that can be downloaded as HD MP4s, and they are quite impressive. Although the scenes might at times have been added to the site on that particular day that watch them, sometimes you may find out that they were released on disc four years earlier, so you will not always get the most recent looking playback.

There are some studios providing their content exclusively on this site only, so you will not come across it anywhere else. The content was license-protected, though there are quite a few older ones with DRM, but most no longer have it. The site has no photos, but this should not surprise you since it is a DVD site. You might be in a position to locate these DVDs at the back room of your video store and in a somewhat better quality, but why go through the hustle if at a standard price you can download unlimited amount of excellent looking hardcore content? All you have to do is simply sign up and be a VideosZ member.

Devils Film Promo Code

There are those who believe that the devil can at times perform courteous acts. You may not actually agree to this, but immediately you come across Devils Film, a site giving you access to top notch hardcore porn and blazing sexuality, you might actually change your mind.You you are granted access to a vast number of porn categories to cater for all your entertainment needs. On top of it all,you are availed a huge amount of content of excellent quality and updating is on a daily basis. You will also be able to save your favorites, rate and sort all the content.

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Devils Film might have a huge amount of content, but navigation is quite simple. The site is not only tempting because of its appealing appearance but you will also be able to locate content by most watched movie, category, models or series, which further simplifies your work of locating that brand new model or that porn series that is so much talked about by people out there. In case you are already, being puffed up about the site, wait until you take a glimpse of the massive compilation of unique movies are at hand for your viewing. At present, the site has more than 1,200 DVDs accompanied with over 4,894 full-length scenes.

The flicks can be streamed in Flash player or alternatively downloaded as Windows Media or MP4 files. Most of these come in great quality playback, but over a quarter of them are availed to you HD . Devils Film might mainly be a movie site, but for those who fancy photos, 1,539 photo galleries are at your disposal. They are of crisp high-res images displaying a blend models posing alone, three on threes and chick on dude action. Their chicks are not only dazzling, but they also bring to you different content for example,deep throating, porn involving different races and crowd sex. Zip files are not available though.

Most sites will only give you access to their main content and not offer you bonuses. This though, is not the case with Devils Film. You will also be able to access over thirty available sites from Fame Digital network, for instance Curry Cream Pie and a lot of others.You will certainly be an addict of Devils Film.

21Sextury Discount

21 Sextury is one network that will give you access to 21 sites and 19 bonus sites at such an affordable price. If you add up everything from the websites, it is going to add up to 8079 movies. Most of them offer HD footage and can be downloaded on a portable device. There are 7750 films that come in high resolution photos. There is a top menu for models, categories, bonus sites and models.

There are 8079 movies here which means you have a lot of time to watch all those movies. Lez Cuties is one website that will appeal to those young horny teens who like to see some fun lesbian action.

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Aletta Ocean Empire is dedicated to the one and only Aletta Ocean. Once you see how big her tits are, you will never forget her. This website is worth every penny once you have invested on it. You are going to get all types of porn in this network. You must take a look at all 21 websites in order to believe that this is the grandfather of all porn websites.

There are some sites that update themselves with 2 to 3 new episodes. The model index can be classified into many sections including sex acts, eye colors, virgins, bosses and stuff like that. You won’t believe how you can classify the models and you are going to get excited when you do it. You will even see some babes perform on different sites performing various lewd acts like getting gang banged on one site then performing a blow job on one large penis on another.

21Sextury is indeed one of those networks that you will really be thankful that you became a member of. The average porn lover will love it and won’t get sick of it that fast since there are 21 sites and a bunch of bonuses to keep him company. There is no doubt you would be cumming several times a day due to the large amount of porn and the 21sextury discount offered here. Porn lovers will certainly unite and check out all the content in this huge network.

Team Skeet Discount

Team Skeet gives access to 15 excellent porn sites and all of them feature girls who have yet to reach 20 so they are either 18 or 19. There are 1351 videos and most of them come with a full set of pictures for those who like to masturbate when the people are not moving. The videos would produce 1240 photo sets.

The pictures can be viewed in slide shows while the movies can be downloaded in various formats. Since it is a huge network, you can be sure that they are updating their content everyday. The files here are also dated so you would know the time when the videos and pictures were uploaded.

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The network has websites like Her Freshman Year, Innocent High, Rub a Teen, The Real Workout and the Teen Attack. Her Freshman Year shows that life as a freshman in college is not so bad because it involves hardcore sex with juniors, sophomores and seniors. Innocent High promises to be the team’s hidden gem as it takes you on a journey to the world of porn you would never forget.

There is a model index so you would know the flicks where they appear at. You can also use tags like “threesome” and “initiation party” to search for the videos you want to see. The tags have been upgraded here as you can also search for chicks with specific dresses and physical characteristics. This is one network you won’t regret becoming a member of as updates are often and you can also leave comments. You can also choose to look up scenes that feature a certain sex act like doggy style or missionary style. Of course, the sex styles can become creative as some porn stars really know how to entertain the average person when it comes to sex positions.

You have to admit some sex positions are going to get your dick even harder when it is something you have never seen before. This network along with the Team Skeet discount that’s ready for you, has some fine women and you know you are going to want to leave some positive comments on the videos you just watched.